Subscribing using RSS

I shared this new blog with my old and new friends recently and asked them to subscribe using RSS. One of them asked me what was the feed URL. I thought it might be a good idea to share different kinds of feeds that my site supports and provide handy links to subscribe using popular RSS readers/clients.

The software that I use to generate my site – Hugo – generates feeds for each category and a general feed for the whole site so you can choose to receive only high-quality reviews or stories from my site and avoid links, for example (all power to you!). If you are on a category page (such as Stories or Update) or on the homepage, the RSS feed icon at the bottom of the page is linked to the correct feed URL. I am sharing them all here for clarity and for easy copy-paste into the RSS client of your choice (I use Inoreader):

(A description of all these categories is available here).

If you are lazy like me, here’s a button to subscribe directly on Feedly, currently the most popular feed reader: