Subscribing using RSS

I shared this new blog with my old and new friends recently and asked them to subscribe using RSS. One of them asked me what was the feed URL. I thought it might be a good idea to share different kinds of feeds that my site supports and provide handy links to subscribe using popular RSS readers/clients. The software that I use to generate my site – Hugo – generates feeds for each category and a general feed for the whole site so you can choose to receive only high-quality reviews or stories from my site and avoid links, for example (all power to you! [Read More]

Virtual Flip Phone Challenge

My friend Laurence Warner is running a challenge called #FirstWeekFlipPhone and I wanted to give that a try. He has written more about his motivations at Why I’m giving up my smartphone for one week each month. In my case, I realized the friction of getting a flip phone, a SIM card (my phone doesn’t have a physical SIM card, it uses an eSIM) and finding someone to keep me honest were preventing me from coming onboard, so, I came up with a different version of the challenge. [Read More]

Some updates on

I just finished migrating content from my old Tumblr blog on Since that Tumblr blog mostly dealt with micro-blogging, I chose to put everything (except non-essential junk) in Statuses section. I also created a new post there to record my only major non-academic writing of this past year for posterity: On the Language Debate in India. Apart from the migration of another old WordPress blog from circa late-2015 (that seems like a lot of work to be done urgently), I do not plan to post any new content on techglider. [Read More]

New Personal Home Page

This morning I bought this new domain name – – which I hope will become my permanent personal homepage for years to come. I always wanted to get something like or but alas they were already taken. Next best options were and but I have found it difficult to share my common username on the Internet with people in person, so I really liked the idea of combining the . [Read More]