New Personal Home Page

This morning I bought this new domain name – – which I hope will become my permanent personal homepage for years to come. I always wanted to get something like or but alas they were already taken. Next best options were and but I have found it difficult to share my common username on the Internet with people in person, so I really liked the idea of combining the .in and .net domains together and stick to my first name for the host. Moreover,, being a relatively obscure TLD, is cheaper for long-term use.

With this fresh start, I am also switching to a better organization for my content. Most of the organization is inspired by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis’ Write An Excellent Programming Blog though I don’t plan to write anything too programming heavy on this website (see my research blog if you are interested in research/programming related content). The idea is to categorize my posts here into the following categories:

  • Story: the most common type of posts that I have written on my previous blog
  • Update: such as what you are reading right now, these supersede Statuses
  • Link: things that I find interesting on the Internet and worth quoting, supersedes Quotes
  • Review: reviews of books, movies, products, etc
  • Essay, further categorized into the following from Davis’ post:
    • Explainer: same as How Something Works in Davis’ post
    • How To
    • Opinion

I have had some experience with organizing content this way on my research blog.

Further, the backend to generate this site has also improved, thanks to this post by withoutboats which informed me about how amazing using GitLab Pages with Hugo is as compared to my previous attempts at coming up with an automated solution to host Hugo generated static sites. Now, it is as easy as write, commit and push! I feel really hopeful about this new setup and believe it will help me write much more often as I would like to.

I am still somewhat undecided about certain things: do I want to import all of my previous content from to here with the new organization or just archive that (see the Archived menu item in the top navigation bar)? Should my yearly reviews go under Review category or Story (I prefer the latter for now)? Should I stick to this default theme or take the time and effort to customize another one (I want to focus on content rather than looks but there may be style oddities that I will have to deal with as time goes by)? Should I keep an About page as before?