I Can Type Again Now

As I wrote earlier, I had broken a finger while ice skating. It will be three weeks since the accident later this evening. Time passes fast.

I have not been productive all this while. One of the reasons was that since going to orthopedics the Monday after the accident, I had a large obstructive splint on my right hand which restricted my wrist motion and made typing using the right hand next to impossible:


I underwent a surgery on the Wednesday after the injury and got another splint which was similar in size. I realized last Thursday that I did not take any photo of that splint at all even though I spent a whole 15 days with it.

I observed how unusual living with my left hand as my primary was, with basic tasks such as eating, brushing teeth, etc becoming difficult and I (sort of) learning to do them all over again. Other interesting observation was my feeling incapacitated especially in the first few days after the surgery. The surgery itself was quite an experience as I was anesthetized for the first time and got to see (but only in partial consciousness) what a surgery room looks like. I usually avoid taking medication as much as possible but since I had pins inserted into my little finger to keep my bones in place, I also had to take painkillers all this while.

Now I have a much smaller and removable splint that has removed most of my inability to be productive (the reason I am able to even write this post). Photo later, may be. I still have the pins on my little finger and am not supposed to use it for anything (even typing). But I am certainly feeling so much better that I can type now and can get some work done including the Quantum Computing homework that is due today. Hope to write more often from now on.