Growing a Language

Authors Guy L Steele Jr Venue/Journal Invited talk at OOPSLA ‘98 Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation (Oct. 1999) DOI/Authoritative Link(s) YouTube video: Summary In this invited talk, Guy Steele discusses the difference between small and large languages. He claims that while designing a language neither a small language is a good choice nor a large language, rather one should design a language that can grow. The smaller language will have too few primitives to be usable and the larger will take such a long time to design that users will go away to some other usable solution that is available even if it is sub-standard. [Read More]

Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion by Marshall B. Rosenberg I will write more later this week about the topic, but as I wrote in my bio elsewhere, I was… on a mission, this year, to understand people better, learn from each interaction, become better at communicating and reading emotions, form closer better relationships. What would be a better way to end this year than by finally reading this enlightening book about communicating effectively with fellow human beings. [Read More]